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Why Won't My Car Start But I Have Power?

Why won’t my car start but I have power?
There are a few things your car needs to start. Your car needs a good battery. A car battery only lasts between 3 and 5 years. Good battery maintenance includes keeping the terminals clean and tight. Battery corrosion or loose terminals causes poor contact. There may be enough power for the lights to come on but not enough to start the car. Your car also needs a good starter to crank the engine. It is not uncommon for a starter to burn out from repeated cranking. Especially when there is a hard-start. The last part of the starting and charging system is the alternator. The alternator keeps the battery charged. It also sends power to the electrical system while the car is running. What happens if the starting and charging system is okay? Our mechanics may need to check your fuel, ignition and air system. Your car engine needs good fuel pressure from the fuel pump to run. Your spark plugs need to have a dry and clear gap for the spark to ignite the air and fuel. Your engine air filter should be clean. Let our mechanics check out your car and make sure it is running great. Visit us on google
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