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Can You Drive A Car With An Oil Leak

Can You Drive A Car With An Oil Leak

Can You Drive A Car With An Oil Leak? Engine oi is a very important part of your car, specifically the engine itself. Oil is made to clean, lubricate, and dissipate heat from the moving parts of your car engine. Each engine is made to hold a specific type and a specific amount of oil. Most of today’s cars use synthetic oil. This means you are not going to the auto shop every 3,000 miles for service anymore. Your car may not be getting checked out as often as it used to. So, what happens if your car develops an oil leak? An engine oil leak may appear as a darkened spot underneath your car. You may experience a burning smell from the engine compartment. To help prevent damage (premature failure or further wear), check your engine oil level. If it is low, you can top off your oil level with the correct viscosity. Driving with an active oil leak can cause more expensive repairs in the future. There are additives and higher detergent value in modern engine oil. This can cause rubber ... read more

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