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How Long Does An Alignment Take

How Long Does An Alignment Take

How Long Does A Wheel Alignment Take? The time it takes to perform a car alignment varies. The type of car you have, the type of alignment you need, and the service provider's efficiency all play a key role. Typically, a wheel alignment takes an hour. There are cases where additional adjustments or repairs may be necessary. The wheel alignment on your car is crucial for performance, safety, and tire life. Having our mechanics check your alignment has many benefits. A properly aligned car can improve fuel efficiency and your overall driving experience. Uneven tire wear, pulling to one side, or an off-center steering wheel are signs of a misaligned car. During a wheel alignment, our mechanics look at three main angles that get adjusted. Our mechanics share the pre and post-alignment measurements. Having your car aligned at least once a year is a great idea. Let our mechanics help save you time and money. Make your reservation today ... read more

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