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Why Does My Car Heat Blow Cold Air

Why Does My Car Heat Blow Cold Air?

Are you experiencing cold air from your car's heat? Here are a few reasons why. Your car could have low coolant levels. Anti-freeze or coolant regulates engine temperature. Having the right amount of coolant ensures proper heat in the passenger compartment. Your car may have a thermostat problem. The thermostat on your car is in charge of coolant flow. It also affects engine temperature. You can also have your car's heater core checked. A clogged or leaking heater core will disrupt warm air circulation. Air pockets in the cooling system cause heat issues. Openings in the coolant system lead to air pockets. Since it is a pressurized system, bleeding the cooling system removes trapped air. Your car's water pump pushes the coolant through the system. A faulty water pump can affect circulation and cause heat problems. Last, your HVAC system could be to blame. The blend door that controls the mix from hot to cold may not function as it should. You do not have to be cold and uncomfortable on your drive. Our mechanics can check your car today. Make your reservation today!

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