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When Should I Change My Car Tires?

Maintaining your car tires is important for safety and performance. Here are some quick tips on when you should consider changing your car tires. Look at your car tire tread depth. You can use a tire tread depth gauge. Another easy way to check your tire tread wear is to feel the wear indicators. The tire tread wear indicators are little bars or nubs inside the tread valleys. When the wear indicators and the tread are even, it is time to change your tires. If your tire tread is nearing the wear indicators, you should consider changing them soon. Tire age is often overlooked. You can find out your tires' ages by looking for the date of manufacture. The date stamp is in an oval found after the DOT number. It is a four-digit number that represents the two-digit week and two-digit year. Different tire manufacturers recommend different life expectancies. However, if your tires are more than 5 years old, our mechanics recommend you change your tires soon. Check your car tires for visible damage. Cuts, bulges, or sidewall damage can be dangerous. Our mechanics can tell if the damage is repairable or if your tire needs replacement. Seasonal changes are also a great time to consider changing your tires. Winter months bring icy road conditions. Having the right tire with good tread can make a difference in how your car performs on the road. If you notice any handling or stability issues, our mechanics can help. Make your reservation today!

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