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What Is A Good Tire Pressure For A Car

What Is The Best Tire Pressure For A Car?

Are you curious about what the best tire pressure is for your car? The right tire pressure is important for safety, fuel efficiency, and a smoother ride. So, what is the right pressure for your car? It depends on the make and model. Tire pressures vary depending on the type of car. The tire pressure stamped on the tire itself is misleading. That is the maximum pressure the tire can hold. It is not the pressure you should use for your car. Instead, you need to look in your car's owner's manual. An easier place to find the best tire pressure for your car is on the label located on the driver's door jamb. This easy-to-read label tells you the proper size and proper cold tire pressure. Why is the right tire pressure so important? First, it impacts safety. Under-inflated tires mean poor handling and an increased risk of blowouts. Over-inflated tires result in a harsh ride and reduced traction. Second, the right tire pressure can help fuel economy. The US Department of Energy claims that proper tire pressure improves gas mileage by up to 3.3%. A big benefit is extending your car's tire life. Under-inflated tires cause more friction or heat. This leads to faster tire wear. Over-inflated tires cause uneven wear patterns. TPMS lights, or the tire light let you know you have an issue with your car's tires. Our mechanics can help. Make your reservation today!

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