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What Are the Signs of Low Coolant

What are the signs of low coolant? There are several types of fluids in your car. Coolant (or antifreeze), engine oil, and transmission fluid are a few of the fluids that keep major car components working . Coolant, or antifreeze, regulates engine temperature. In cold temperatures, it stops the engine from freezing. In hot temperatures, it keeps the engine from overheating. Parts like the water pump, radiator and thermostat come in contact with the coolant as it travels through the cooling system. Today’s coolants come in many different colors and it may be hard to know which is the right one for your car. Your car needs the right coolant and the right amount to protect the engine. If your car is low on coolant, you may notice the heat from your vents is not as warm as it usually is. You may also see the temperature gauge on your dash start to go above normal or your car may even overheat. Many cars are driving longer between oil changes. Checking the other fluids, like the antifreeze, becomes even more important to protect your car. Our mechanics can check all your fluid levels and condition to make sure you car is in great shape. Visit us on Google:

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