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What Are Motor Mounts?

What Are Motor Mounts? Motor Mounts are brackets that anchor the engine and transmission to your car's frame. Motor mounts reduce noise, absorb vibration, and prevent excessive movement. Over time, the rubber in the motor mount can tear. Increased shaking and rattling in your ride is an indicator that you could have a torn motor mount. A torn motor mount can also throw your engine out of alignment. This causes issues with the drivetrain and connected components. Without proper support, torn motor mounts allow the engine to move more than it should. Excessive movement risks damage to surrounding parts and overall vehicle stability. Our mechanics can provide regular checks to spot visible signs of wear. Visual inspections can spot cracks, leaks, and sagging. If you notice increased vibrations or noises, our mechanics can help. A comprehensive inspection can pinpoint torn mounts and assess your car's overall well-being. Once torn motor mounts are identified, prompt replacement is important. Our mechanics can restore stability and performance as well as prevent further damage. Keep your ride smooth and make your reservation today.

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